Clinical Psychologist, PSY31964


I am happy to meet you here and know that something is drawing you to the possibilities of therapy, a process in which two people collaborate on behalf of the understanding, fulfillment, and flourishing of one. Whether you are harboring unspoken hopes of yourself and your life; are hungry for new experience; missing out on love; postponing your passions; unhappy about aging; paralyzed by anxiety; blocked creatively; heartbroken; or eager to fulfill your fondest dreams, you are not alone. Together, we will look honestly, without judgement, at how you are living your life today, not only your challenges but also your possibilities for a freer, more meaningful, and satisfying existence.

Naturally, change isn’t always easy, still I believe the process should have more hope than fear, more wonder than difficulty, and, more laughter than tears. While using a variety of methods from conversation to play to encounters with the natural world, we will draw from interpersonal, somatic, experiential, and mindfulness therapies. Throughout, we will trust your experience over any theory or technique. The most important thing while working together is the relationship between us, the quality of our moment to moment connection.

And me? I am a Juilliard-trained actor with a PhD in depth psychology. I started acting in my basement when I was three years old and have never lost my love for the craft. In my early teens, I also became fascinated with psychology and now, after thirty years on the stage, I’m rejoining with that longstanding interest, the life of the human soul. I know what it is to dream big, fall hard, re-imagine the future, move through heartache and loss, find deep connection, adventure, and meaning. I’d love to join you in moving beyond uncertainty to strength, beyond pain to possibility, beyond impasse to creativity, beyond the ordinary to the exceptional.