What’s a wisdom story?

One person talking about a life lesson that changed their life. They can be about falling in love or breaking up; about chucking the past or finding the meaning of your life; about sadness and joy; success or failure, leadership, destiny, illness and salvation – you get the idea. Each has a lesson that transcends the experience.

I believe part of therapy needs to be about life wisdom. I think it is missing from the way too many therapists work.

Most people come into therapy seeking insight, relief, or freedom. (Sounds like wisdom to me.) My job is to help with that.

Two years ago I started videotaping them. I use them with my clients. We talk about them. Now I’m sharing them with you and writing about them. (Personal Disclosure: Before I was a psychologist I was a producer at 60 Minutes.)

If we’re lucky – and open to learning – life teaches us some of these lessons. But they take time and we all have big blind spots.

I taught positive psychology at UCLA’s medical school. Positive psychology is the study of how we can live more fulfilling, sweeter, loving lives. These stories are dedicated to helping us share those discoveries.