Positive Psychology For Individuals And Couples

Who do you want to be? What’s missing? Where do your unspoken dreams fly? And what stops them? We always start with your goals. Because I think therapy needs to show results.

I call therapy practical magic.

Practical because you should see results soon after you start. It has to improve your life. Magical because good therapy works on far deeper levels. You might call these spiritual or subconscious or inspirational or existential. It is as if an underground river starts to move deep inside the soul or spirit. Your unlived life starts to stir and flow. I see this all the time. It is the most remarkable, wonderful thing about this work I do.

Concerns I can help with

  • You want more out of life
  • Couples therapy
  • You find yourself sad or anxious
  • Your romantic life is not what you’d like
  • Your work isn’t satisfying you
  • You feel you’re not living up to your potential
  • You’d like to find a way to put the past behind you
  • You procrastinate
  • You have trouble staying motivated

What is Positive Psychology?

Positive Psychology focuses on how we can grow happiness, meaning and connection in our lives.. Unfortunately traditional psychology sometimes focuses on your problems and your defeats. Its goal is to take you from -5 to 0. Positive Psychology says neutral isn’t enough. It aims to go from neutral to +10.

I’ve taught the science of positive psychology to the med students at UCLA.

My approach

My work is grounded in Positive Psychology as well as cognitive behavioral therapy, Buddhism, Gestalt, and the wisdom traditions.

What’s it like to work with you?
I won’t refuse to talk. I won’t stare at you sphinx-like and say, “How does that make you feel?” I ask questions and tell my clients what I think. I work in a way that’s warm and non judgmental. We will talk and muse about life, exchange ideas and probably laugh. I bring a lot of experience with life to the process. Work and love, family and change, spirituality and discovery.

Do I have to spend a long time dredging up all the bad things that ever happened to me?
That’s not how I work. I don’t believe you have to descend ever deeper into inky caves of the past. People change in the present. No researcher has ever proven that digging into the past fosters change. The past is important if it helps us to understand ourselves in a compassionate way.

I like to answer questions. You can call me at the office. I offer a complimentary consultation.


Q: What one choice you make will have the greatest impact on your happiness throughout your entire life?

A: Who you choose to partner with. And how you two grow the relationship.

The last two decades have brought a wave of major new discoveries about how couples create successful relationships. Much of what the experts thought previously was wrong. I teach couples how to put these new discoveries into practice.