You Don’t Have To Live With Depression.

I specialize in helping people recover from all kinds of depression. Depression is treatable.  You don’t have to let it damage your life or rob you of your gifts.   

 You have come to the right place. I founded the Positive Psychology Center of LA and taught positive psychology in the med school at UCLA. Positive psychology is the science of well-being, a burgeoning area of study.

If you struggle with depression you probably blame yourself for your problems. Or maybe you feel trapped by your past.  You probably rarely realize how strong you are.

If we work together I will teach you how to harness your strength and use it to change your life.

My work combines Positive Psychology … cognitive behavioral therapy … mindfulness therapy and a host of other holistic approaches including yoga, journaling, muscle work, and nature therapy. I can also advise you about medication and other non-pharmacological approaches.

I do therapy in a way that’s active, practical and fun. I’m warm and friendly and people tell me I have a good sense of humor. We’ll set goals and I’ll give you homework. We will decide what you want your life to look like – and we will chart your progress.

You won’t have to spend years talking about your childhood. We attack the depression head on.

I understand what depression feels like.  It can be like a megalosaurus that wrestles you to the ground … or a sneaky thief that robs you of your valuables (self-esteem, joy etc.). It can shape-shift. Depression can look like a lack of confidence, discouragement, the blues, worrying, moodiness or pessimism. And men struggle with it as much as women. (They just don’t talk about it.)

We can change all that.

No one wants to squander his or her life. Your heart deserves to sing. Please take action now.

Unsure whether you’re depressed or not? Here are some of the things we look for. (You don’t need to have all of them, they’re clues.)

◻ Feeling hopeless or helpless

◻ ︎Difficulty making decisions

◻ Worrying

◻ Decreased energy, exhaustion, or lack of motivation, despite a state of physical health

◻ inability to focus or concentrate

◻ Difficulty making decisions

◻ Weight gain or loss of appetite

◻Feeling emptiness, or persistent sadness

◻ insomnia

◻ Persistent and unresolved grief, causing feelings of pessimism