Areas Of Specialization


Think of the most precious treasure. A treasure that all women and men have yearned for. That is what happiness is. Without it, nothing we have is worth much. The good news is you can really make breakthroughs here. This is a special area of interest for me. I taught Positive Psychology at UCLA’s med school. We don’t focus on just getting you from minus 5 to neutral. Instead our goal is to get you to plus 10. Most of us have not thought very clearly about our own well-being or about how to achieve it. That is where we start.


Your romantic relationship will impact your overall happiness more than any other factor in your entire life. Couples therapy is the best way to rebuild a relationship and to fall back in love If you would like to learn more CLICK HERE.


Depression robs life of its joy. It takes many forms. It can be a feeling of hopelessness or persistent sadness. It can be a lack of motivation or energy. It can be difficulty making decisions or facing life’s challenges; worrying and insomnia; or just the blues. Depression can be treated. We will work on it from three different angles. Psychology. Biology. Social adaptation. Nobody should feel they have to live with it.


If you experience persistent worry, if you’re uncomfortable in social situations, if you have a hard time feeling confident or trouble sleeping — these are all signs of anxiety. The good news is that there are effective treatments that help decrease and even eliminate anxiety that previously may have been disabling.


Are you sick of bad relationship patterns and unhappy endings?  You shouldn’t be alone. No one should.

You’re not the problem — it’s your inner game that’s probably sabotaging your relationships. We have developed a powerful method for people who don’t want to stay single. Our process is called Solution-Focused Relationship Therapy. It will give you rapid new insights and lay out exactly what you can do to break the old patterns.


You need work that not only fills the bank account but also rewards your soul. The call to change comes from deep inside. For many people there is no more important thing than living a life of purpose and meaning. The question comes in many forms. Isn’t there more to life? How can I make my life matter? How can I become the person I was destined to be? The answer can be kindled and it can illuminate your path for the rest of your life.