You shouldn’t be alone. No one should. Wedding cakes have two people standing on the top because life is way better with the right person than alone. Life is not about having fun by yourself. But finding true love, that’s what life is all about!

I am an expert in relationship dynamics. I’m a licensed psychologist and have taught at UCLA.

You’re not the problem, it’s your inner game that’s probably sabotaging your relationships.

We have developed a powerful method for people who don’t want to stay single. Our process is called Solution-Focused Relationship Therapy. People find it illuminating and uplifting. It will give you rapid new insights and lay out exactly what you can do to break the old patterns.

Have you been in therapy before – with no success? We can change that. (I have the wedding invitations to prove it.)

My process combines coaching and counseling. There’s homework and guidance. We set goals and watch as you change. It brings together the best of positive psychology, attachment therapy, CBT and mindfulness.

My approach is warm and supportive. I have been happily married for a many years, I’m a dad and a longtime meditator.

Sure, maybe other people are the problem. Or, just maybe, you are part of the problem. Maybe you are the one who is standing in your own way. Maybe you just need to make one minor change, or many major changes to get out of this loneliness cycle.

Have you ever wondered any of these things:

  • Why you can’t be fulfilled in a relationship?
  • Why your relationships start so well — but then fade?
  • Why trust and safety are big concerns?
  • Why you attract partners who don’t seem to want to commit or are emotionally unavailable?
  • Why you get involved with partners who need help or fixing?
  • Why you’re attracting partners who lie or cheat on you?
  • Would you like to understand the exact steps you need to take to shift your relationship patterns?
  • How to attract that one person with whom you can have the life you yearn for?

You weren’t born unlucky, it’s not your looks, and it’s not because you’re looking in all the wrong places.   It is not who you are.  Most people are doing everything they can to ensure things go right – but often their actions are defeating their purpose.  And they don’t know it.  That’s where an experienced therapist comes in. Learning how to shift your inner game is the most important thing standing between you and the relationship that will fulfill you.

Solution-Focused Relationship Therapy will help you to learn —

  • To shift the messages you’re putting out so you stop attracting the relationships you don’t want and attract the partner you do want
  • The root cause of your unwanted relationships patterns and why we don’t even realize we have them.
  • How to overcome relationship fears and barrierscreated by unhealthy circumstances or past traumas.
  • To identify specific conscious and subconscious aspects you may be carryingthat sabotage or create unwanted relationship circumstances.
  • How to take down the inner barriers preventing that special someone from showing up.

Here is my bottom line: Take a risk, take a chance. There is hope!