Episode #1: FEAR

 In The Wisdom Of Happiness


We’ve probably never met, but here’s my wild guess about your deepest soul —

You don’t want to squander your life or leave unfulfilled. You want to be happy and make the most of this amazing opportunity.

I agree with you. But how do we get better at this?

You need to learn life’s great lessons. And those you only really learn from life. Books don’t usually do it. Either you live through one of these lessons yourself — or someone opens their heart and shares one with you.

My goal with this blog is to help us share these lessons.

So I collect stories about the wisdom of happiness. I record them on video and write about them too. Each is a true story from someone who learned one of life’s great lessons about the wisdom of happiness.

Vickie Moran, who was one of the country’s top software salespeople, tells us a story about how she was terrified to leave her first husband who abused her.

On the outside Vickie was successful and vivacious. Inside she felt like a prisoner. Not of her husband. But of fear.

It is said that there are only two primary emotions – love and fear. However fear can beat love. It can occlude love. And block our development. We are wired that way by evolution.

The paradox is that when we obey fear we think we are protecting ourselves. It is often just the reverse. We are shutting ourselves off from freedom and discovery and success and love.

Vickie tells you how she learned a radical life lesson about fear – and about how you can overcome it, manage it, transform it into a positive force.